Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

It is the daily minimum energy or calorie level when your body is at rest (including sleep) to work effectively. It is the sum of the amount of energy required for major vital actions such as nerve functions, brain functions, cell renewal and growth, body temperature control, blood circulation and breathing. The basic metabolic rate is 65-75% of the daily calorie consumption and the remaining 25-35% is the daily physical activity.

Your BMR measurement can be used as the minimum basis for a diet program. Additional calories can be added depending on your activity level. The more active you are, youburn more calories and you build more muscle, so you need to make sure you consume enough calories to keep your body fit and healthy.

Increasing your muscle mass helps increase your BMR, which increases the number of calories you burn and helps reduce body fat levels. A person with a high BMR burns more calories than a person with a low BMR while resting.

Factors affecting basal metabolic rate:

  • Metabolic rate slows down as the age progresses, as the rate of muscle decreases in the body. Especially after the age of 40, a decline occurs between 2% and 5% every ten years.
  • 80% of the basal metabolic rate difference between individuals is due to the difference in lean mass ratio. As the ratio of lean mass of the body to fat mass increases, the basal metabolic rate also increases.
  • During pregnancy, a 22-33% increase in basal metabolic rate is observed.
  • When the body is starving, the basal metabolic rate decreases. For example, in shock diets below 1000 calories per day, the body slows down all its systems for survival and tends to conserve existing energy.
  • While in sleep, the basal metabolic rate decreases. The speed measured during sleep is 10% lower than when measured while awake.
  • When the endocrine glands do not produce sufficient amount of thyroid hormone, the basal metabolic rate may decrease by 30-50%, while it may double if normal.

As people age, their metabolic rate changes. As a child matures and reaches its peak, basal metabolism increases around the age of 16 or 17, then typically begins to decline. A slow BMR will make it difficult to lose body fat and total weight.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

It is a standard weight / height ratio used as a general indicator of health. It can be calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in meters). The ideal weight is obtained by multiplying the desired BMI by the length of the square.

The most common method used when calculating the height-weight ratio is body mass index calculation. It is obtained by dividing the weight by the square of the neck. Although it may vary somewhat depending on the body structure of the person, in general a value between 20-25 is considered normal.

The ideal body mass index accept as 22 in men and 21 in women.

The table showing the BMI and body weight values for adults aged 19-24 is as follows:

There may be an increase in body mass index as the age progresses.

The meaning of the body mass index is as follows:

  • If the BMI is between 18 and <25, Normal
  • If BMI is between 25 and <30, Overweight
  • If BMI is 30 and higher, Obese
  • If BMI is 35 or more, considered Seriously Obese.

What can you
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The percentage of body fat you have at your weight

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Segmental analysis of body composition

Basal Metabolic Rate & Body Mass Index

All anthropometric measurements.

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DigiME creates a perfect 3D model of your body in 2 sec after scanning.

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Use Case

Turkey's most prestigious model contest Miss&Mr Model of Turkey body measurements of the models 2019 finalists was scanned with DigiME.After the shooting, his three-dimensional model was presented to the jury with all the details. Personal body measurements analysis reports were presented to the jury and contributed to the selection of the jury.

Test scans we have done with the Human Resources department in a company which is a leader of energy sector in Turkey has been completed.Walking and steady posture analysis, posture analysis, Y Balance Test and short condition assessment were performed with 143 physicians accompanied by a physiotherapist. As a result of walking and steady state analysis, specially designed insoles were recommended to 86 people. Although it is not necessary for 38 people, personal insoles were recommended. It was also stated that 14 people did not need special insoles, and 5 people were recommended to get a doctor's opinion. As a result of Posture Analysis, it was determined that 42 people should be priority evaluated and treated.It was determined that 28 people should be evaluated as secondary and support should be given.It was determined that 73 people did not need postural intervention. As a result of the Y Balance Test performed to predict the possibility of ankle sprain, 34 people were found to be problem-free, 33 people were low-risk, 14 people were moderate-risk and 1 person was high-risk.

During the camp term, DigiMEwas used on Altay Sports players for their body and posture analysis. The analysis made in the observations of the Coach and Sportive Director checked whether there were any postural disorders in the shoulder, waist, hip and knee joints of the players. The coach's plan was to maximize the physical capacity of the team, the coach stated that they will bring the players to the best level and increase their efficiency much more consciously with continuous special training and continuity of sensitive physical measurements made with DigiME.Altay Athletic Performance Coach, on the other hand, said that they will continue their individual training with the programs prepared after analysis and measurements with DigiME to minimize injuries and which will minimize personal deficiencies. He emphasized that the slightest deviations in the joint angles of footballers are determined thanks to the reports and outputs presented by DigiME's analyzes. For example, according to the report outputs, symmetrical deviations are observed at certain points in the athletes' head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and feet. The coach said that their aim is to help the athletes experience less disability throughout the season and even their professional careers and to increase the efficiency of their athletes according to the training programs determined through regular sensitive analyzes by using DigiME.

Pilates instructors at Seam Academy state that pilates is a system that helps strengthen muscles, stretch, correct posture disorders and especially strengthen internal abdominal muscles to protect joints and bones for life. With this awareness the instructors making the measurements and analyzes of the members in pilates training with DigiME.Regular measurement and analysis follow-up of the members of Pilates training is carried out and the difference becomes clear after each training.Participants can realize the changes in detail and easily by looking at the output report with the measurement and analysis of DigiME instead of noticing the differences and the changes in their bodies when looking at them in simple mirror methods or in the mirror.The majority of the members following themselves by measuring with DigiME after each training, and their belief in education increasing as well as their motivation.After pilates training, which is known as a sports activity, the effect of which can be observed in a very short time, in these analyzes and measurements, there was a serious decrease in the fat rates of the members participating in the training and it was observed that their bodies tightened.In every measurement after training, almost half a centimeter decrease and thinning is observed in the tightening areas where the measurement is made.

School principals are responsible with considering the careers of children who are educated in schools, as well as their health and physical future.They are aware of certain posture and spinal disorders caused by inactive life , long sitting periods, increased computer use and wrong bag usage habits. In schools, with DigiME, students' body and posture analyze are regularly conducted. DigiME enables students to provide health checks with high-precision measurements, analyzes and scans fast, practical and without x-ray exposure. Students can closely monitor changes in their bodies with DigiME.According to the analysis made in a school, the data of the physical measurements between the peers of 100 students who were measured and analyzed with DigiME were compared, and among these students, 4 students were diagnosed with early scoliosis and 20 students were diagnosed with posture disorder that may cause serious health problems in the future. The results of the analyzes made with DigiME were presented to their families. The results of the report provide the opportunity to recognize the problems that may arise in the students early and take precautions, also to speed up the treatment processes.

A dietician, who use DigiME, evaluates the detailed analysis outcomes of the patients with the high sensitivity measurements and follows the patients. In this way, she states that their patients are more easily aware of the changes as a result of precise measurements, they have high motivation in their programs and they have become more loyal to the dietician follow-up.She also states that DigiME does not require contact, calibration, hygienic measurements, can take measurements wherever she wants, and that there should be no office or clinic where appointments will be made for the follow-up of patients. In this way she emphasizes that the number of patients followed up by making measurements outside the clinic increases.

Turkey Classical physics champion athletes , followed his body development with DigiME while he was preparing for competitions during the camp period. He followed the length measurements such as neck, chest, waist, hips, r. biceps, waist / hip, l.biceps with advanced reports of DigiME. Taking into account the results of the body analysis, it was possible to observe even the smallest millimetric changes.

For surgery that will take place in the field of aesthetics, plastic surgery, the patient is given a three-dimensional analysis with DigiME before surgery. You can help them keep their motivation at the highest level by sharing the previous analysis report and the post analysis report with your patients as a result of the analysis made to the patient after a successful operation. You can easily follow the recovery process before and after the operation thanks to detailed reports by making analysis in post operative control appointments.With DigiME, you can maximize the success of the operation and the motivation of the patient.

A 4-day camp was organized with 5 child participants in order to detect and treat posture disorders of children. During the camp, special exercises were made for children. Body analysis measurements of children were done with DigiME before and after the camp.After 4 days of camping, changes in the children's body were presented to their families. As a result, 2 of the children who attended the camp were found to have posture disorders and were directed to the physiotherapist.

The results of 2 analyzes made on the same person on two different dates are as follows: Despite being 89 kg on both dates, there are significant changes in body size and composition due to the weight and cardio training performed during this period. There is growth in the chest and biceps, thinning around the waist and hips, as well as a reduction in body fat.Especially in sports and diet processes based on slimming, the metabolism and immune system prevent a person from losing weight for a certain period, generally people tend to quit the process because they think they cannot benefit in this process.On the contrary, as you can see in this period when the body structure has changed the most, DigiME can catch even minor differences.