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DigiME scanning the whole body in three dimensions in seconds, body fat ratio, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic ratio, ideal weight, lean body mass, posture disorders, movement it enables the analysis to be performed and all these data can be easily followed thanks to the graphical reporting tools.

You can help you to observe even the slightest changes visually with the measurements you will perform with high precision and to increase their motivation by closely monitoring your patients with reporting solutions and sharing these reports with your patients.

What does DigiME offer you?

Measuring with DigiME has a high sensitivity, allowing you to visually observe even the slightest changes. It enables you to follow your patients and members closely with various reporting solutions. By sharing these reports with your patients and members, you can help them keep their motivation at the highest level.

You can measure even the slightest changes with the measurements with DigiME. You can ensure your patients’ desire to comply with their programs and the dietician follow-up with the opportunity of regular reports.

Use Case

A dietician, who use DigiME, evaluates the detailed analysis outcomes of the patients with the high sensitivity measurements and follows the patients. In this way, she states that their patients are more easily aware of the changes as a result of precise measurements, they have high motivation in their programs and they have become more loyal to the dietician follow-up.She also states that DigiME does not require contact, calibration, hygienic measurements, can take measurements wherever she wants, and that there should be no office or clinic where appointments will be made for the follow-up of patients. In this way she emphasizes that the number of patients followed up by making measurements outside the clinic increases.

Other Usage Areas

Gyms & Sports Studios Gyms & Sports Studios
Personal Trainers & Wellness Coaches Personal Trainers & Wellness Coaches
Physiotherapist, Chiropractors & Orthopedic Doctors Physiotherapist, Chiropractors & Orthopedic Doctors
Sports Clubs and Sport Professionals Sports Clubs and Sport Professionals
Schools & Corporate Wellness Schools & Corporate Wellness