DigiME Free Tools

DigiME - Know Your Body

Clients* can easily track his/her progress with DigiME Mobile app.
(*)Only for DigiME Clients now, to use this application you have to be scanned and analyzed by DigiME.

DigiME - Measure Your Height

How Tall Are You?
Just place your phone on your head and get your height! With this app, you can measure your own height with high precision without anyone’s help.

DigiME - Wellness (Coming Soon)

DigiME Wellness extracts key body landmarks and measurements from a customer’s 2 photos (side & front). Analyze body composition and gives wellness recommendations.

DigiME – Balance (Coming Soon)

DigiME Balance is an application designed for physiotherapists and orthopedist to measure client’s stability. it is easy to use and give stabilometric indices in few seconds.