Advance Posture Analysis

A postural assessment with DigiME is simple to carry out, and it gives you a lot of information. You can get a good idea of the client’s posture, as well as their foot and ankle mobility, shoulder mobility, trunk stability, and rotation stability. With DigiME, quantitative data can be obtained, minor postural alterations can be detected, and it possesses a robust interrater agreement.

But in clinical situations such as spinal or skeletal problems, professionals needs more quantifiable data. Radiographic methods are used for the assessment of posture clinically, but exposure to harmful radiation is a risk of this method.

DigiME gives a wide range of advanced tools for the assessment of posture and body parts. Spinal, skeleton, and muscular problems can be detected, measured, and visualized by DigiME’s clinic tools, such as transverse, sagittal views, contour methods, and 3D panel tools.