Body Posture Analysis

A posture analysis is a process of analyzing
your posture, balance, alignment, asymmetries, and motion.

Good posture is essential to balance your body’s weight over your feet, be it when you’re standing, sitting, or moving. It also helps to maintain the correct form while exercising and strengthen your abilities in any sports activity.

The following are among the ill effects of a bad posture:

Early wear and tear of your muscles and joints
Improper blood circulation
Various pain in the neck, back, and shoulder blades
Height loss
Ankle and foot problems
Reduced lung and cardiac capacity.

DigiME is the only markerless 3D posture analysis system in the world
that analyzes all axes (frontal, sagittal, and transverse) planes.

DigiME allows practitioners to view posture in 3D in an objective way without multiple cameras or wearables.
The ability to see a patient’s posture objectively is invaluable for both the therapist and the patient.

With one-page reporting and graphical results, patients can understand their treatment and see improvement.

For the therapist, visualization helps them better identify the problem and it allows for targeted
therapies that are customized for a patient’s unique needs.

Anterior Posture Analysis

Anterior Posture Analysis

DigiME checks the positioning of your body's key points and compares one side of your body with the other for symmetry with AI Technology.

DigiME gives a visual assessment to report asymmetrical parts of your body, from the front view.

Lateral (left-right) Posture Analysis

Lateral (left-right) Posture Analysis

DigiME checks the positioning of body key points and joints ( ear, shoulder, hip, knee, and foot) from one side, if they are in a straight line or not.

3D Posture Analysis

3D Posture Analysis

Rotational problems are the most common postural problems that can cause dysfunction, such as hip pain, back pain, and knee pain.

It’s important to detect and figure out the rotational problems. These issues can be a sign of a big problem such a shorter leg or scoliosis.

DigiME is the only posture analysis system that can detect, measure and visualize rotational posture problems with the ability of to view and analyzing transverse planes.